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Kevin McGuire writes:
The Canadian team behind Little Composers have created what may be the best music apps for younger kids, and they’re available on all tablets, smartphones, Macs and PCs.

pre-Piano turns moms and dads into music teachers

pre-Piano turns moms into music teachers

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Children are sponges when it comes to learning but what do you do if they are not yet at the reading stage? Say "hello" to pre-Piano which was specifically designed for visual learners.

A new kind of music app

pre-Piano is a new kind of music app that not only teaches children how to play the piano. The benefit of pre-Piano is the built-in composition module that is easy to use that a-three-year old is able to figure it out instantly.

The learning continues

Once a child has mastered pre-Piano, it can move up to the pre-Piano Kebyoard. The pre-Piano Keybaord empowers children to compose and play more advanced melodies with the help of a color coded keyboard.

pre Piano Keyboard

The best app for Visual Learners
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pre-Piano Keyboard Info

Most music students cannot compose music. To fix this, Little Composers developed a handful of apps that focus on composition the moment they start. The pre-Piano Keyboard is one of those apps.


Knowing the first seven letters of the alphabet.

App features

How to use the pre Piano Keyboard app

There are only three rules that need to be followed in order to make a nice sounding melody. They are:

  1. Red keys fill the red fields
  2. White keys fill the white fields
  3. Always end the composition on a C

NEW! As of version 1.3, the app can also record rests with is a game-changer. Rests make a melody sound more natural and to record a rest, simply touch the REST button in the menu.