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Pre Piano®

What if your child has an ear for music but isn't quite at the reading stage yet? Well, you teach them what they do know and with the help of some dolphins, some giraffes and some alligators, even the young ones can enjoy the gifts that music brings.

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About Pre Piano Lessons

Pre Piano Lessons is a new interactive music method for children ages 3 to 6. The application was specifically developed for visual learners who learn best when creating, analyzing and playing different musical patterns every day. Pre Piano features a well tested user interface which is so intuitive that even young children can figure out the moment they start.

image of free pre piano lesson app for kids banner

Pre Piano Lessons is a sophisticated music method that consists of three separate apps. Pre Piano Lessons is the first in the series and once a child outgrows the app, she/he can continue with the Pre Piano Keyboard

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The third and last of the Pre Piano apps is much more sophisticated and able to store compositions, convert letters to real notes and much more. When ready, take a look at the app info page for more information.

Bonus App: Virtual Music Teacher

Learn how to sight-read music with Virtual Music Teacher, the ultimate teaching tool for young musicians.

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